We create enjoyable, healthy, fun, sustainable food and share it with love in the Charleston and Summerville communities.


Wishbone Heritage Farms helps people rebuild a relationship with their food, where it comes from, how it is grown or raised, and how best to prepare it. We do this by establishing a direct relationship between the community and the land utilizing organic, sustainable, and regenerative methods and being fully transparent.



Our farm plan is built on an intensive grazing system which begins by spreading cover crop and forage crop seed in advance of systematic animal rotations. These plants, legumes, and grasses recondition and improve the soil while giving our animals high density organic nutrition as they are rotated around pasture. As the animals proceed, they cut back the forage, sequestering carbon. They leave behind organic material in the form of plant roots under the surface and organic fertilizer in the form of manure above it. This brings the cycle back to its beginning to be reseeded and the process starts again. Utilizing this method, we are able to produce over 50,000 lbs of healthy proteins each year on just 13 acres while improving our land, the environment, and nourishing the community.


Farm Tours

We encourage customers to come visit the farm in St. George as we open our gates to the public on the first Sunday of every month year round. Farmer David provides a full tour, visiting all of our animal groups, and answering any questions you may have. You may arrive as early as 1:30 PM. The tour begins promptly at 2:00 when the gate will be locked so our friendly guard dog, Amilia, can run free. This is a family friendly tour. All customers, neighbors, friends, and their children are welcome. The goal is to provide complete transparency and showcase our practices to help educate the community and garner support for upcoming projects. The tour is free. Our products may be purchased at the end of the tour if you choose.