2017 Successes!

Posted by Farmer David on Aug 13th 2017

Here's your order reminder for the week and after discussing some of our biggest challenges over the past few weeks it's time to recap some of our biggest wins for 2017 thus far...

Eggs - We are maintaining our 3 time per week rotation over approximately 8 acres of pasture giving our hens more grass, bugs, and forage crops over a greater total area than ever before. We are well over 6 times the pasture raised (Poulet Rouge) standard for our laying flock. Our hens have been GMO-free for over 1 year. Egg sales are up 5% over last year despite less wholesale contracts. More families are eating more of our eggs each week. Success.

Sheep - Our Lamb CSA gave us opportunity to acquire a flock of 18 sheep this Spring and after a few culls and perfecting a very delicious Mutton Sausage recipe with the Charleston Spice Co. this has been a win win. We have Mutton to sell which has been a great conversation and nutritious food for our customers and the rest of the flock is mowing the grass in front of the hen rotation saving the farmer time and diesel fuel. As a result, we are more efficiently sequestering carbon and increasing the ability of our soil to hold plant available water. Unfortunately, our pasture is growing so quickly that our sheep can't keep up. We will be acquiring 10 more pregnant Ewes from a top breeder in NC later this week which will add Spring lamb to our market menu. Lamb CSA Shares are likely to be paid out it full this Fall, little will be left over for retail customers. Sorry, not sorry.

Sausage - We currently have 14 sausages co-designed with the Charleston Spice Co. with all added ingredients being organic, all salts being natural, no msg, no gluten, no added sugar, and no BS. We have 6 more in the works including replacing our last 2 outsourced recipes. Our full line up will include options in Beef, Chicken, Mutton, Pork, and Turkey. Our goal is to have all of our sausages not only be delicious, but also be a healthy and easy to cook alternative to ANY prepared or packaged food. The grocery store cannot compete with our standards for proteins. Sausage sales across all meats are up 15% over last year. We will be steadily adding variety and are open to any of your suggestions.

Personal - I simply cannot convey how good it feels to look out my kitchen window at our pasture rotation, fire up one of our delicious items on my new full size gas range, or toil on the farm with a 10 year plus focus. Owning this property and living on it full time in a real house is nothing less than incredible. Thank you all for your help, guidance, and support. It took each and every one of you to get me here today.

Thank you all for your support of the farm!

Farmer David