Eating on a Budget

Posted by Farmer David on Aug 8th 2017

Proteins from Wishbone are NOT out of your budget! I make less money than pretty much everyone on my subscriber list. I may have 13 freezers full of proteins, but I'm not searing pork chops, ribeyes, or chicken breast for dinner. What does the farmer eat? Here are some really healthy affordable items and if your budget is super strict come talk to me at the farmers market. I am happy to help advise you how best to stretch your dollar based on what I have that day.

  1. I eat sale items! When I put something on sale it means the farm is making a much lower margin on that item. I gobble them up. Pork Eye Rounds, Osso Buco, Ham Steaks, and Riblets are on sale regularly. Beef Soup bones are on sale too which is why I made bone broth last week and have 2 pork eye rounds on the smoker right now. Look for sale items and take advantage! I do!
  2. Sausages may seem expensive, but are they? No. First off, all pork sausages are buy 4 lbs get 1 lb free (20% off). More importantly, they are perfectly portion sized. Each bratwurst is 4 oz, every breakfast link is 1 oz. This makes it incredibly simple for you to increase the quality of meat your family is consuming while limiting portion size. Lunch is a 4 oz portion... 1 link, Dinner is 6 oz, 1 1/2 links. Easy.
  3. If it's poultry you're after then Chicken drumsticks (or even Turkey) are the way to go. This is the biggest bang for your buck and it is precisely what I eat at home. They are also another easy control on portion size. Every chicken drum has approx 4 oz of meat, they come in 5 packs. Do the math and save money.
  4. Eat more Eggs! Our Eggs are $5.75 per dozen XL but what does that really mean? An XL dozen is 27 Ounces. That equates to $3.41 per pound for the best quality protein in the Lowcountry. (Imperfect Eggs are $2.22/lb) Sound too expensive now? I eat our Imperfect/cracked eggs for one meal EVERY day of the week.

Thank you all for your support of the farm!

Farmer David