Farm Update - Home Deliveries Suspended

Posted by Farmer David on May 8th 2020

Hi all! It has been an incredible experience supporting so many new households and so many of you with pasture raised nutrition through this pandemic. Thank you all for bringing Wishbone into your homes. 

At this point, inventory has been significantly depleted and meat reserves are at about 25% of capacity. The rate at which it will be possible to refill inventory is unknown. There is some chicken, pork, and beef on the calendar and it is not clear when exactly it will be available. There are still several items currently available and inventory is up to date on the order site. I encourage you to order what you are able to now.

I am choosing to refocus my attention from distribution to production and as such I am suspending home delivery service from May 18th through July 6th. Your last opportunities for home delivery will be Thursday, May 14th and Saturday, May 16th.  Please see the delivery page for more details. All pick up locations and farmers markets will remain on the calendar with the exception on a short vacation for personal reasons which has yet to be scheduled.

Thank you all for you love and support so far this year. It has gone amazingly well despite being entirely different than expected. Enjoy the pictures below and I hope to see you at a farmers market soon.


Farmer David

Amilia has fully recovered from her snake bite and is back to her normal gentle and protective self

This Spring's lambs are growing fast and doing fantastically well on pasture

The hens are always curious and want MORE

One of two extremely protective geese sitting on clutches of eggs which should hatch within the next week or so

This young broiler chicken is ready to hunt crickets on pasture starting this Sunday

Remember that old mower?