Farmers Market Advice

Posted by Farmer David on Aug 1st 2017

I'd like to share some thoughts on navigating farmers markets and using Instagram (or Facebook) as a useful tool to make farmers market choices...

  1. Ask good questions! The question we get most at farmers markets is, "How much are your eggs?", but that doesn't tell you much about how we raise our hens, does it? Instead, ask "How do you get such beautiful eggs?" or for vegetables, "How do you grow such beautiful tomatoes?" or even better, "How do you grow this broccoli this time of year?" :)
  2. Does the farm allow visitors? Ask, "Would you give a really good customer a tour of your farm?" If they make ANY excuse it's a red flag.
  3. Do they have an Instagram, Facebook, or a website with CURRENT pictures of their farm? Just this week one of our biggest egg competitors posted a picture of their crowded hens over dirt and filth. Do you want to buy those eggs? Some of you are, even some big name restaurants in downtown Charleston are buying them for top dollar. Use Social media to your advantage. Good local producers are posting pictures of what they do. Our instagram is @wishboneheritagefarms, check us out. I am doing my best to post 5+ times a week there now... Facebook not so much.
  4. If there are bananas, pineapples, or anything with a grocery store style sticker on it on their table either walk away immediately or ask LOTS of questions. Having even one brokered produce item is a good indication that they have more. Some vendors don't grow a single thing they are selling and the bigger problem here is they likely don't have a clue how it was grown. Think it's organic? guess again. But the farm is certified organic? Guess again. Brokered items are typically conventionally grown.
  5. I hope to have the time later this year to put together a list of farmers and vendors we truly trust. Until then, feel free to swing by our booth at any of our farmers markets and ask me who I buy from. I'm not shy.

Thank you all for your support of the farm!

Farmer David