Food Transparency

Posted by Farmer David on Aug 23rd 2018

I started taking a hard look at what I was putting into my body each day last November after my then new girlfriend, Allie, introduced me to the real life struggle of living with food allergies and healing them. I realized that some of my symptoms then might be food related and completed a simple food sensitivity test through Ideal Posture & Spine in Mt. Pleasant. (My HORRIBLE results are pictured at the bottom of this email.)

Looking Food in the Eyes at Solo Verdi Meats in Varneville, SC

I painstakingly eliminated 27 foods from my diet. Some were simple for me to avoid like eggplant and pineapple. Others were much more difficult like corn, rice, soy, and wheat which seem to have derivatives in almost every multiple ingredient food and supplement. Being an egg farmer, it wasn't easy to give up eggs either and I did completely for 6 full months! This process proved worthwhile VERY quickly. I lost a tremendous amount of weight (40+ lbs), my inflammation subsided, and my pain and muscle tightness disappeared. If any of you have similar challenges please feel free to reach out to me privately. I am happier and healthier in both mind and body now than I have been in my entire life!

As an extension of wanting to know exactly what I am putting into my own body and my frustration with labeling laws and the mischievous ways ingredients like soy are disguised, I want to be FULLY transparent on the ingredients in all of the Wishbone Heritage Farms' sausages for all of our customers. Here's what this looks like for our pasture raised chicken sausages...

Chicken Sausage Details @

Details for all of our sausages can be found here. Tremendous thanks to the Charleston Spice Company for the fantastic job sourcing all of our organic herbs and spices and their expert help with all of our recipes! Thank you all for reading and if you have any questions or comments on our ingredients or recipes please feel free to comment below!


Farmer David