Seasonality & Food Security

Posted by Farmer David on Aug 27th 2017

Good, healthy, local, sustainable food is ALL seasonal. The modern supply chain has lulled us into thinking we can eat broccoli, tomatoes, and a full selection of healthy meats fresh every day of the year. It's all available for us at multiple locations, even on Christmas morning. The cost of this convenience is poorer quality, lower nutrient density, factory farming, incredibly high food miles, greater deterioration of the environment, and a terribly low level of food security.

We tend to keep less food on hand, certainly store less by freezing or canning, and rely more on the supply chain to feed us. This problem grows exponentially when the supply chain that feeds those grocery stores is interrupted. The Hurricane season is a stern reminder of this for me, having lived through Hurricane Sandy in NYC before I made my way to South Carolina. If you don't have food stores to feed your family two weeks worth of square meals (that's 42 meals!) in your house right now, you're making a grave mistake in an emergency and you are also systematically making yourself more susceptible to eating lower quality foods each and every fair weather day of the year.

Here are some tips...

  1. Eggs: Good for 60 days in the fridge (USDA), yet you only keep enough for a week or two on hand?
  2. Milk: I only drink raw cows milk from Sea Island Jerseys. This is very local, limited, and seasonal, but it freezes well. Keep an extra half gallon or two in the freezer.
  3. Bread: 90% or my bread comes from Root Baking Co and is local and organic. It freezes very well.
  4. Broth: Should be the # 1 staple for minerals and protein and health in your home. Make this yourself and freeze for the best quality. It is SIMPLE.
  5. Fill Your Freezer: A freezer with less airspace stays cold longer. In case of extended power outage your freezer should be FULL. This can be with frozen water bottles, pints of broth, meats, veggies, or our Bulk Pork Package which is on sale for the last time this week!

Here is what is seasonal for Wishbone right now...

  • Our last Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market is this Tuesday 8/29. Will you get into the habit of ordering from us and picking up each week? Or will your support of the farm disappear for the Fall and Winter?
  • We only have 3 mutton sausages left, you won't see this again until November at the earliest and even then our new supply will only be approximately 25 lbs.
  • Egg supply and sale prices are driven by a seasonal rotation of new birds into our flock. This is systematic and will not last much longer. Eat more eggs now.
  • Beef Soup Bones are on Sale for a limited time because less people make broth in August. Take advantage and start putting some away for the colder months or emergencies now.
  • We will not be raising Thanksgiving Turkeys this year, which also means all sales of ground turkey, turkey sausages, drums, and wings are strictly capped for the next 15 months.

Thank you all for your support of the farm!

Farmer David