We Restocked, New Blog, & Recipes!

Posted by Farmer David on Sep 3rd 2017

It's time for Fall cleaning! Here's a few of our latest updates...

Farm Blog: We have designed a Farm Blog to keep track of all of our public communications. Farm updates, recipes (to be added soon), and housekeeping items like this will all be stored there in a categorized and searchable format. See wishbone.mybigcommerce.com/blog/.

Your Recipes: If you would like to contribute a recipe that you use with any of our products please email it to wishboneheritage@gmail.com. Please include an appetizing picture and we will be happy to share it on the blog!

Beef Inventory: We restocked on Friday. Be first in line for items that there are very few or risk missing out. Here's a list of cuts with 5 or less available. Bavette (5), Brisket (2), Cheeks (2), Chuck Eye Steak (3), Flank Steak (2), Flat Iron (4), Hanger Steak (1), Heart (2 Halves), Kidney (2), London Broil (3), Marrow Bones (5), Petite Tender (1), Skirt Steak (4), Tongue (1), Top Sirloin Filet (3), Tri-Tip (2). If you want any of these, best to order now!

Pork: We FINALLY have Andouille, Chourico, Garlic Bratwurst, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian Sausages back in stock. Remember, all pork sausages are buy 4 get 1 free! We also have a limited supply of Baby Back Ribs.

Farmers Market Menus have been updated for September.

This is also your official order reminder for the week from Wishbone Heritage Farms. Beef Soup Bones are on Sale, Plus this is your LAST opportunity for the SALE PRICES on our bulk pork packages. Also, our delicious fresh eggs from gmo-free pasture raised hens are on sale again this week. Sale prices are... Medium - 2 doz for $9 (6% Off), Extra Large - 2 doz for $10 (15% Off).

Thank you all for your support of the farm!

Farmer David