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Employment Opportunities

Wishbone Heritage Farms is a diversified small farm specializing in raising animals for meat and eggs using biodynamic, sustainable, and regenerative methods. We are also in the midst of building out significant vegetable and herb growing operations. We deliver our foods in the Lowcountry directly to families and to select restaurants, food artisans, and small grocers.

Please complete the application below to be considered for any position at the farm. On site housing is available for the right candidates.

Livestock Manager

One full time position is currently available to manage our pasture raised laying flock (2,100 to 2,800 consistently), broiler chickens (2,500 per year), pigs (finishing 6 to 8 consistently), and grassfed cows (finishing 6 to 12 consistently). Duties include performing and managing consistent pasture rotations of all livestock, intensively managing our egg production, and overseeing all aspects of animal care from hatch/purchase to final transport.

This is a great opportunity for a someone with experience working with livestock in a professional setting, especially laying hens as egg production is the chassis of our revenue stream. Our eggs are included in 500+ CSA shares per week and a used by select chefs and food artisans locally with large opportunity for expansion.

For this position, preference will be given to someone willing to live onsite or currently residing very close to the farm.

Pay commensurate with farm experience, starting at $27,500 to $36,000 per year

Job Requirements:

In addition to all requirements listed below for the Farm Hand position
Ability to work on site with a minimum of 40 hours per week, over a minimum of 6 days per week consistently
Experience with livestock in a production setting
At minimum, basic tractor experience preferred
Desire to produce a meaningful and consistent amount of food for our community


Multiple part time or one full time opening for motivated individuals with interest in growing healthy food to join our team. Typical tasks include gathering, washing, and packing eggs, other poultry related chores, pasture rotations, planting, weeding, and harvesting in the garden, long term projects, and miscellaneous farm help. Farm hands will assist the livestock and garden managers as well as the owner on special projects.

This is a great opportunity for someone who enjoys outdoor work, appreciates healthy food, and is available to work at least one set day each week up to full-time.

Pay commensurate with farm experience, starting at $25,000 per year.

Job Requirements:

Ability to repeatedly lift 50 lbs. (feed bags)
Comfort working with animals
Working outside (in all types of weather)
Willingness to get dirty to complete a job
Working well as part of a team and by yourself
Reliable Transportation